Date: 2018-01-18

This is to remind you again that school reopens on 23rd January 2018 (Tuesday). Class X and XII, will have PREPARATORY LEAVE on 23rd January 2018. Class X and Class XII, Pre-Board Examination starts from 24th January 2018 (Wednesday). The schedule for 1st PRE-BOARD Examination for Class X and 2nd PRE-BOARD Examination for Class XII are as follows: Date/Day, Class & Subject: # 24/01/2018, (WEDNESDAY). Class: X, Subject: SCIENCE. Class: XII, Subject: CHEMISTRY/BUSINESS STUDIES/HISTORY. # 25/01/2018, (THURSDAY). Class: X, Subject: ENGLISH. Class: XII, Subject: ENGLISH. # 28/01/2018, (SUNDAY). Class: X, Subject: SOCIAL SCIENCE. Class: XII, Subject: PHYSICS/ACCOUNTANCY. # 29/01/2018, (MONDAY). Class: X, No Examination. Class: XII, Subject: PHYSICAL EDUCATION. # 31/01/2018, (WEDNESDAY). Class: X, Subject: MATHEMATICS. Class:XII, Subject: MATHEMATICS/INFORMATIC PRACTICE/HOME SCIENCE. # 02/02/2018, (FRIDAY). Class: X, Subject: SECOND LANGUAGE. Class: XII, Subject: ECONOMICS/COMPUTER SCIENCE. # 04/02/18, (SUNDAY). Class: X, No Examination. Class: XII, Subject: BIOLOGY/GEOGRAPHY. NOTE: - All the students must be present during the examination. No retest will be conducted. All the dues must be cleared before the examination.

For Departments : Kindergarten  Primary(Class I to V)  Middle (Classes VI to VIII)  Secondary (Classes IX to X)  Senior Secondary (Classes XI & XII)  Bus Facility  
Happy Maghesankranti

Date: 2018-01-15

On this auspicious festival, the sun starts its northward journey. Thus, it brings the journey towards greater height and success. Modern Indian School wishes you and your family a very happy Makar Sankranti!

For Departments : Kindergarten  Primary(Class I to V)  Middle (Classes VI to VIII)  Secondary (Classes IX to X)  Senior Secondary (Classes XI & XII)  Bus Facility  
Nutrition during exams

Date: 2018-01-13

Nutritious snacks in between two meals are important to keep your energy up Diet plan for students to prepare for their exams Breakfast- Glass of Milk with bowl of Oats porridge ( add a handful of nuts- almonds & walnuts) with an egg omelette Mid-morning- Fruit salad with yogurt / Glass of juice or soup Lunch- Dal stuff paranthi with a green vegetable and a bowl of salad, also have a bowl of strawberry yoghurt Tea- Glass of Milk or buttermilk or Yakult / Snacks - Baked potato topped with tuna/ cottage cheese/ baked beans/ sprouts Souptime- Bowl of soup with banana Dinner- Chapatti with a bowl of Dal or paneer or chicken or fish and Vegetables Bedtime- Milk Inbetween the meals drinks lots of fluids like freshlime water, coconut water, buttermilk, icetea, green tea, a cup or two of coffee is allowed in addition to taking lots of water. Inbetween munching snacks- roasted chana, nuts, figs, prunes, fresh fruits, popcorn, yogurt, smoothies, Bhelpuri, sprouts etc.

For Departments : Kindergarten  Primary(Class I to V)  Middle (Classes VI to VIII)  Secondary (Classes IX to X)  Senior Secondary (Classes XI & XII)  Bus Facility  

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